Wednesday, September 15, 2010

{Fall is in the Air}

Finally! Whew! After taking a "blogging break" for the past two weeks, I can now say I am almost finished with decorating our great room!

Lots of pictures and very little writing! I would say this is blogging heaven. Of course, I would love to be a professional photog, but I am not.  :)

Enjoy and Happy September!



                                                      My FAB lockers that I have itching to put in the house for all our toys and cleaning products!

Just putting the finishing touches

My mother's buffet

A touch of fall

My old mirror that needed a touch of cream paint and light distressing with an old wooden fennel

have you seen this before? ;)

Cloche with mini pumpkins

Added a little peacock feathers for texture

Smells like fall

Black crow on a silver nest

My hutch, my favorite piece in this room

Added some 1918 piano rolls for texture

Dried flowers, old books and piano rolls... ahhh :)

I like this much better with the French linen piece on the wall

Pictures of loved ones

My great grandfathers desk


Polly said...

Love it all Liz! But, ohmigosh, those lockers are freaking awesome!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

The buffet is a gorgeous antique! What a wonderful way to honor your momma!

All your fall touches are very sweet!!


P.S. Just got your note asking about where I was all found at one thrift store! You just never know what you might find at the thrift stores! The key is going often!

Ness Lockyer said...

The lockers are amazing! and your Mums sideboard is beautiful...enjoy the cooler weather =0)
Ness xx

Polly said...

Liz, are you home from your busy weekend yet?!?! You'll have to tell me all about it!!

pawspraylaugh said...

Oh my gosh I want your eiffel tower...will you sell it to me?
Let me know. Love your blog.

pawspraylaugh said...

I love your blog and the eiffel tower on th desk...willing to sell? Pls let me know. Thanks

{Vintage Sweet Pea} said...

@ Pawspraylaugh,

Thanks a bunch! Actually, I got that little eiffel tower as a little girl in Paris, so it's hold too many memories. Sorry! Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you continue to!