Monday, July 26, 2010

{Keep the Flame burning}

Well! I must say, it's been too long! I have been busy enjoying the summer and here it is almost the end of July! I also have been shopping as well! And I still need to work on posting new pictures!

Tonight I thought I would just do something simple.  My brother brought over tons of goodies from my mothers and in the box was tons of sheet music. Old sheet music! I was thrilled!

I had two wonderfully deliciously smelling candles that are almost out and I thought I would make a new center piece for my island. Since my candles are pretty thick {in glass} I did not have to cut my music sheet and just simply wrapped the paper around the glass and tied the smaller one with one piece of wrapping string and the large one with two! Simple!

After calling my husband to grab a long lighter from the store we were in business!! Smells good and looks amazing! But in fair warning..please do not leave candles unattended....especially since there is paper involved.

Have a wonderful night!! {please excuse the mess in the background! My husband just bathed our daughter}

Liz xoxo

Friday, July 16, 2010

{Baby cradles and beds oh my!}

Good afternoon!

Recently, on my last junking adventure I came across a very old wood baby bed! I was very excited but of course I just had to look around more!! Every corner, every turn there were more and more baby items!! A large cream wicker baby basket caught my eye and I just had to have it! I have 2 folding baby bassinets already and this basket will fit right in!  Then, there it was.  A pale baby teal antique baby scale with a painted wicker basket to match! Oh how I was in baby heaven! I just adore the little painted babies on the scale!  As I turned the last corner I saw an adorable baby cradle that caught my eye.  {I did buy the old flour sacks hanging from it as well!} At first, I was not sure I would be able to fit it in my car, but with some unscrewing it fit! :)  I did go back and get the baby bed as well and my trip was complete with some wonderful and well loved baby items! With some love and TLC the bed and cradle will be looking spectacular soon! There was some elbow grease into the cradle as there were about 50 pieces of Velcro to remove! All I need is 2 pieces of 4 inch foam and cover them with some great vintage fabric and it will be baby doll heaven! Sorry Cheyenne, I just cannot put you in the baby cradle, but your dollies will love it! Pictures of the baby cradle and bed to come soon!

xoxo~ Liz

Saturday, July 3, 2010

{Bexley, with love}

My dear friend, Kathy, was so kind to give me her families vintage patio furniture when her mothers house went for sale this past January.  The 32 pieces she gave me needed some serious TLC, but I was up for the challenge!  John and I (8 months pregnant!) traveled to Bexley in the snow to load up all the pieces on our trailer and oh how I was in love!  They have been in her family for years and I felt so honored to have them.  She did not want to sell them in the Estate sale or want any money for them so I felt I had to do her right when refinishing them.  I have completed a few of the pieces and the rest are being worked on here and there! Several hours of power washing, grinding and some welding we will have a complete finished product soon! Today, is a sneak peak at what we have done so far! I am love with the character of the pieces!  I absolutely love the white marble table top!