Monday, July 26, 2010

{Keep the Flame burning}

Well! I must say, it's been too long! I have been busy enjoying the summer and here it is almost the end of July! I also have been shopping as well! And I still need to work on posting new pictures!

Tonight I thought I would just do something simple.  My brother brought over tons of goodies from my mothers and in the box was tons of sheet music. Old sheet music! I was thrilled!

I had two wonderfully deliciously smelling candles that are almost out and I thought I would make a new center piece for my island. Since my candles are pretty thick {in glass} I did not have to cut my music sheet and just simply wrapped the paper around the glass and tied the smaller one with one piece of wrapping string and the large one with two! Simple!

After calling my husband to grab a long lighter from the store we were in business!! Smells good and looks amazing! But in fair warning..please do not leave candles unattended....especially since there is paper involved.

Have a wonderful night!! {please excuse the mess in the background! My husband just bathed our daughter}

Liz xoxo


Amy Kinser said...

Very pretty. I bet you loved the box of goodies. How fun!

{Vintage Sweet Pea} said...

Thanks Amy so much! I did indeed love it! Thanks for following my blog :)