Monday, August 2, 2010

{Oh Monday}

Hello Bloggerettes!!

As I continue my journey down my "opening my shop" path I am blessed with many awesome finds and some good friends along the ride! I am planning on traveling out west ward to HWY 127 and I cannot wait! I hope that I can bring a friend along and have someone babysit Cheyenne for the day to make things easier for me! I have so many items to share and not enough time (or batteries..oops!) to post all the pictures! I promise that I will be posting pictures soon! I am in the process of painting a few items and the always remodeling our home stage of life! I am super exciting to announce that my hubby will be completing our downstairs flooring.  So until next time!



Polly said...

Hi Liz! So you are thinking of taking the plunge into opening a store! That is so very exciting!!

Have fun at the Rt. 127 sales! Is this your first time going? It is wild and crazy and so much fun! We are going also!

Looking forward to seeing all your photos!


Amy Kinser said...

Girl, you are going to have a blast. Can't wait to see what you get and hear about your trip. I can't wait to go back.