Friday, August 6, 2010

{I survived HWY 127}

I survived HWY 127! Well maybe not the whole route, but that's what our shirts said!  Alina {my friend and brave soul} and I started our journey on a rough start.  As I was about to load up the truck, I realized that I did not have the key!  My husband drove 30 minutes back, gave me the key and a kiss.... Bless his soul!  Whew! We were in business. On the road to the unknown.  This was my first trip and me, being the non planner I am, decided we will go west on 70 and ask along the way and that is just what we did.  Our first stop to ask if we are close was a cute little Antique shoppe in Lewisburg.  A cute little lady behind the counter pointed us in the right direction and we were very close

We came across some yard sales on the side of the road and we were so excited! Alina and I love to dig and we are both very social so we made tons of friends along the way!  The first couple we met had this great house built in the 1800's and some cool barns.  We didn't really find anything there, but we did get a full tour of their house and got to use their bathroom too! Such a sweet couple!  Her name is Reba and she did the whole route last year!  She specializes in sewing pillows, aprons and upholstery! We have her email, business card and phone number! I told her I will never forget since I love Reba

Reba and her husband!

Cute little back sun room

Back on the road again we came across tons of little shops and of course we took tons of back roads!  We came across this cute Mennonite house and barn there I found the best white bench!  The sign read Church Pew $10! WOW! I grabbed the sticker and ran to pay!  This will look awesome in my kitchen!  This is really the first thing we bought and we had to remove the back window {thank goodness the truck folds down in the back.}  I haven't measured it, but I believe it is about 12 feet long.  The homemade ice cream was the best and so refreshing!

They let me take pictures of their barn!

Awesome bridge we loved

One of the best places we went to was Castine and we met a really nice guy who had a huge building that was packed.  He let us dig through his stuff!  We were totally American Pickers, until the wasp's attacked us!  I left the camera in the truck, but I will always have my memories! Just think junk, rust and lots of digging.  It was amazing!  I came up with an old metal stool and chippy frame. Alina is going back for the old 1800's hutch with white and blue milk paint.  Fabulous!
 Some of the sites we came across

We came across a barn where an old dealer was getting rid of his inventory and ran into his son at several other stops along the way.  The son gave us the shirts and from there on out, every person asked us about our shirts!  As if Alina and I are not social enough! Ha Ha!

We traveled up and sometimes back, down dirt roads and did tons of walking.  We went about 61 miles north on HWY 127. We arrived at 11:30 and left around 8:30  Nine hours of talking, walking and junking for 61 miles.  Time to secure the load and head home.  I still need to sort out my items and I will post pictures soon!

Alina's items after we made it back to Columbus!

Until we meet again 127.

xo  Liz


Polly said...

Glad you had fun! I am surprised I didn't see you! We went to the big red barn with $10 white church pew too!!

Can't wait to see photos of all your treasures!!

Amy Kinser said...

So glad you had fun. My time on the road was awesome also. Found lots of good stuff. Blogged about the trip last night and will be posting photos later of my finds.

Love the tshirts.