Friday, August 27, 2010

{Living Room Remodel}

Happy Friday!!!

I am doing a little piece on the before and after of our living room! We still have a few final touches and then I will post pictures of the decoration!  But for now I will have to stick to the floors!

We bought this lovely home last year and it needed some Love, lots of cosmetic love.  The green carpets and green and mauve wall paper! Did I mention the Pink walls throughout the house? Well on to the carpet! We bought this awesome flooring for the whole house and off we went! The upstairs was finished pretty quickly, but the downstairs, the main hub of the house, took some time

It was well worth it!


Cheyenne was our model. She is so cute! oh and Sasha and Winchester too!

P.S. Fall booth coming soon with a sneak peek!! :)

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Polly said...

Ohmigosh, she is sooooo cute!! And the floors are cute too!!

Great job!!