Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fabulous White Wednesday

Good morning! I write as I am sitting with Cheyenne and she is just jabbering away to me! She is my inspiration for everything!  It is Wednesday and I am posting my first White Wednesday Post! This is truly exciting!

I chose this piece today for my White Wednesday post because it is freshly painted with my favorite Cream paint:  Becky's Linen.  This piece was a dark burgundy before and the project was easy!  I just removed the hardware and away I went! The previous paint was a a flat, so I chose a semi gloss to cover without sanding.  If you go up on the paint chart you can cover without sanding, but going from a semi gloss to a flat will be a little more tricky! I only painted one coat on this piece because I liked how it looked!  I paired this with an old vintage window pane that I had lying around for some time and an old OHIO map that I nailed straight to the pane.  I originally had all three pieces of glass at one time, but I am mysteriously missing one and I really like the touch it adds.  Overall, this is a good use of a little space!

Check it out!

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