Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Bonjour! Today is FABULOUS! Okay, a tad bit hot out, but all in all FABULOUS! Cheyenne and I went on a little trip, hunting and shopping today and found some great items! She is my little helper and I typically ask her opinion, but today she napped!  She is on her floor mat playing and I lying next to her typing.  We make a great team! I am super excited about my finds and cannot wait to get my spot together. I still need to make a decision on where I want to place my items.  Another day for that idea! Today is for cleaning up my items and I will be posting some fabulous pictures later! Just one little tease....just think "Very Vogue".  Don't forget to check out!

Joie de vivre 

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Style Sisters said...

Great blog! Thanks for commenting on my BlogFrog about my new business. I wish you the best in your new venture too.